Attention all... students, parents and school staff

Nominate a teaching hero and help a group of sixth form students compete their mission!

The mission Headteachers everywhere are looking to recruit the best teachers cost effectively.

Mission accepted: Eteach accepted this mission and started to recruit the best secret agents to create a marketing campaign with a real difference.

The secret agents: The search was hard but finally we found an elite team at St. Wilfrid’s School in Crawley. A team of sixth form students with the right skills, talent and ambition to make this campaign a real success.

Agents at work - gathering the intelligence

Eteach put the secret agents through a tough training programme covering radio, web, social media and offline marketing. Once training was complete the agents set out to accomplish their mission!

Their campaign idea – Finding Teaching Heroes to save the world one class at a time

They wanted to create a campaign that rewarded great teachers for the work they do. From this idea the Teaching Heroes campaign was born. Read the campaign in detail.

NOW our agents need YOUR help to complete their mission

Your mission should you wish to accept it is:

Nominate now, for a chance to win great prizes!

. . . I suppose this mission isn’t impossible after all?

Teaching heroes radio advert meet the creators coming soon coming soon